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Pocket Full of Poems

Two separate organizations have placed poetry containers outside Mather and Pforzheimer Houses in an attempt to get Harvard students to

Cooking It Up In the Square

Mopping the floors of Figs pizzeria for seven dollars an hour really isn’t the ideal post-graduation job, and it’s even

Salts Brings the Perfect Seasoning

Like a first date who talks too much, Salts is overly self-conscious. Take the cartoonish lettering on the shingles above

Miso in a Mall

Up Mass Ave., past Harvard Law School, under a sign for Lesley University, through glass doors labeled “1815,” beside a

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

In a plaintive plea for fashion help several weeks ago Michael J. Hines ’04 turned to the one punk-accessory warehouse



Come on, you know you want to be like Lila Gollogly ’04

Food and Drink

Primary Motion

t is not often that an artist working in Africa receives international attention. But William Kentridge, raised in Johannesburg, has

For The Moment

Cronkite and the Ebony Tree

Nelda LaTeef ’81 brings joy to children ages five to nine—and also to Walter Cronkite and Chris Evert. LaTeef’s first


Cold Fusion

In this airy room behind the counter of Toscanini’s Ice Cream shop in Central Square, Amy Chilton sprinkles cocoa over

Watching and Waiting

I can hear the phone ringing on the other end of the line. Two times, three times—the ringing stops, replaced