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Gold Dust Twins of Legal Education Part Ways in Preparation for Bar

When the Yale Law School faculty voted to change its grading system last year no one batted an eye in

State Ober Bill Demanded

The Massachusetts Legislature's joint committee on Communism today told the state to outlaw all "subversive organizations and to make at

Brass Tacks

Last week's article discussed the problem of getting Universal Military Service and Training written into a new draft act and

Limited College Deferment, Draft at 18 Urged by Conant

WASHINGTON, March 8--President Conant today asked the House Armed Services Committee to change its version of the draft bill. Appearing

Defense Heads Favor UMS, Seek to Extend Service For Draftees

The Defense Department will soon ask Congress to pass a Universal Military Service Bill and to lengthen the period of

'Present Danger' Group Will Stand Behind UMS

The Committee on the Present Danger will support Universal Military Service before Congress in January, President Conant said yesterday. Members

Educators Propose Draft Deferment on Test Basis

At a special meeting yesterday afternoon in Washington, Major General Hershey's educational advisory committee decided to recommend that students be

Town-Gown War End Sees Harvard . . . . . . Cambridge Friends

Harvard has been Cambridge's guest for over three hundred years. During this period Cambridge has grown into a modern, industrial

Battle Over Student Draft Goes On

When Congress opens its next session it will have before it the president's bill on Universal Military Training as a