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THE extreme latitude which is already granted to the term 'novel' must be extended even further to include what Houghton

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The Harvard Dramatic Club produced Edward Eager's "Pudding Full of Plums" last night at Brattle Hall, and will continue to

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Today and tomorrow the University management offers you "We're in the Money," featuring Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, and Hugh Herbert,

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The guillotine takes its deadly toll as The Terror rules Paris. But Citizen Robespierre is annoyed. Victim after victim slips

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The Playgoer spent a very pleasant evening last Thursday at the Walkathon-Marathon in Dedham. There are some people who probably

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If you, too, feol that surging rejuvenation which the Spring sunshine pours into the blood of most of us, there


When sound movies first came in a good many years ago it was Al Jolson in Vitaphone's "The Jazz Singer"


It has been said that either too complete praise or vituperation withdraws all merit from a criticism. We hestitate to

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"Moral," by Ludwig Thoma, the comedy presented Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, and Tuesday to Friday of next