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Neat Seats, Name Games, Top Cops

H OW MUCH TIME would you guess President Bok spent signing the more than 4500 diplomas that the University will

Harvard Counters Rally Criticism

As the Rev. Jesse Jackson's fiery criticism of Harvard's investment policy drew the attention of thousands yesterday. Harvard tried to

Did You Hear The One About 'New Harvard'?

What is it with Harvard's reputation.' For years, admissions officers and four guides at Princeton and Yale have played games

The Spring Ahead: II

This is the second in a two-part preview of Spring 1985 at Harvard Today, the semester in sports, the Faculty,

The Spring Ahead

Predicting the news, like predicting the weather, is always on uncertain task. The Crimson makes no promise, therefore, that the

Mondale Support Stronger Here Than at Six Other Ivy Schools

Harvard undergraduates support Walter F. Mondale over President Reagan in greater numbers than do students at six other Ivy League

High Hopes and Birth Pains

Council members count as achievements the preservation of unlimited storage, the establishment of annual teaching awards, an open forum on

Vega: Just Another Star?

Harvard astronomers last week cautioned against concluding too much, let alone the existence of a second solar system or new

Reagan, Carter, Ford Set For Harvard/ABC Meeting

Officials at Harvard and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) yesterday revealed details of an unusual symposium on voter turnout they

Detroit Robbery Mars 'Ride for Life'

After bicycling 3100 miles on a cross country trip without experiencing much more than some flat tires and a scratch

Being Frank

S HORT OF a political assassination, presidential campaign, or space mission, few headline-making events grab the attention of Americans like

Who's In Charge Here?

L ike many institutions of higher learning. Harvard might best be described as a marketplace of ideas, engaged in the

New Program Brings Foreign Experts to SPH

Under a unique agreement between Harvard and Japan announced this week, the School of Public Health (SPH) next year will

New Reports Say Walesa Won't Come

The day after Harvard announced that Polish labor leader Lech Walesa had accepted an invitation to speak at the University's

New Name May Gain Approval For Proposed ROTC Group

A proposed extracurricular organization of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) apparently made significant progress yesterday towards gaining official College