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"PLAYBOY'S PHOTOGRAPHER IS NOW ON CAMPUS. Playboy photographer David Chan is now interviewing students for Playboy's Women of the Ivy

A Parting Shot

Some parting thoughts: T HREE TIMES LAST year on this page I affixed my name to positions urging Harvard to

Pats-Miami: Two Hometown Boys Square Off...

The only thing more sickening than the thought of a New England Patriot-Chicago Bear Super Bowl is the possibility of

Columbia Coach Calls it Quits

Columbia football Coach Jim Garrett, who earlier this season called his players "drug-addicted losers," resigned yesterday after one season. The

The Scouting Report

HARVARD EDGE    YALE QUARTERBACK: Brian White is currently the third leading passer in Harvard history and needs only 40

The Last Time We Met on November 23rd...

Harvard travels to Yale Saturday for the 102nd edition of The Game. The date will be Nov.23, 1985. The last

The Scouting Report

HARVARD EDGE    PENN QUARTERBACK: Brian White, the fourth most prolific passer in Harvard history, has showed great poise in


In five years under Jerry Berndt, the University of Pennsylvania football program has become the most revered in the Ivy

A Dynasty Still Burning for Respect

Sheldon Hackney became president of the University of Pennsylvania in 1980. Jerry Berndt became its head football coach, in 1981.

No More Wally Rutecki

Say goodbye to Wally Rutecki. And say hello to LaMont Greer and Joe Connolly. Because Greer and Connolly Saturday became

The Scouting Report

HARVARD EDGE    HOLY CROSS QUARTERBACK: Brian White, now the fourth most prolific passer in Harvard history, showed great poise

There's a Meaning in Here Somewhere

Harvard senior quarterback Brian White completed eight passes in Saturday's 25-17 come-from-behind victory over Brown. And each of them was

The Scouting Report

HARVARD EDGE    BROWN QUARTERBACK: Brian White, who last week became the fifth most prolifie passer in Harvard history, hasn't

How an 8-0 Victory Became a 53-0 Slaughter

Saturday's 11-6 loss to Princeton has raised lots of questions about the 1985 Harvard football team, but there's a far

The Scouting Report

HARVARD EDGE    PRINCETON QUARTERBACK: Quarterback Brian White, who needs just 125 yards to become the fifth-leading passer in Harvard