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“The Summers Tennis Watch has begun...God save us all.” —FM, October 10, 2002 Thus started the Summers Tennis Watch. And


In Washington's Womb

WASHINGTON—I came to Washington to be a press intern and learn life’s lessons, to stride or at least scamper meekly

For The Moment

Roll Out!

Since the dawn of time, man has used the backpack to transport books between dorm rooms and lecture halls. But


Peter B. Idziak

Peter B. Idziak’s foray into the world of Harvard recruiting was short. There was some hope in October. “In the

In The Meantime

Let's Blow

Rolling plains and snow-capped peaks greet you as the Charles River dips into a bend that is Harvard Square, the

Pick Me

PETER IDZIAK ‘02 HOUSE: Quincy CONCENTRATION: Government HOMETOWN: Bedford, TX POST-GRADUATION INTERESTS: Investment banking, consulting, law school, Marines ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Vice

For The Moment

Telephone Q&A of the Week

Two years ago, Frederick K.K. Du Puy 03 gained notoriety by traversing the Yard with legs clad only in khaki

POSTCARD FROM OAXACA: The Report From Mexico

OAXACA, Mexico—An average day: 7:15 a.m. Wake up due to extreme heat, bright sun in eyes and recurring, intense, ulcer-like

Fifteen Minutes: Harvard's Sachs Goes Pro Bono

Jeffrey Sachs '76 might have earned his Ph.D. in economics at age 26, and sure, he was named a full

Fifteen Minutes: How Can You Have Any Pudding?

Two hundred and eight years ago, the Constitution and Bill of Rights laid out for Americans the privileges that were

Preview: beck's new midnite vultures

Perhaps the most listenable of Beck's rock-funk-bluegrass-soul-country-rap-electronica-polka menageries, the new Midnite Vultures adds soulful guitar licks, raging horns and many,

Fifteen Minutes: Sucking a Caribou's Ass?: An Evening With the World's Weirdest Rock Star

I arrived at the Middle East Club at 7 p.m. on October 18, planning to interview Chicago rocker Wesley Willis,

Fifteen Minutes: Touching a

Reading Nerve--the Web's most publicized venture into erotica--in a dorm room is dangerous. There's little you can say in self-defense

Perennial Favorites, Favorites Once Again

It's not a surprise that Social Analysis 10, "Principles of Economics," taught by Baker Professor of Economics Martin Feldstein '61,