Voter League Asks ARFEP To Aid Study

Groups Join to Probe U.S. China Relations

The Massachusetts League of Women Voters has asked the Harvard Chapter of Americans for Reappraisal of Far Eastern Policy to take part in a study of China it will sponsor this fall.

The China study project will be a two-year investigation of U.S. policy toward China. It was set up at the League's national convention last year, and will be conducted at the organization's local branches around the country.

Initially the study will deal with two major issues in U.S.-China policy, international trade, and the United Nations, Mrs. George Kistiakowsky, president of the League of Women Voters of Cambridge said yesterday.

Policy Studied

Mrs. Kistiakowsky added that the study would "go on to cover most of the questions which separate the two countries." "A discussions of China was asked for by two thirds of the local groups in the country -- people seemed to feel that there was something wrong with U.S.-China relations" she said.


According to Lewis Crampton, co-chairman of ARFEP, the Harvard chapter will supply lecturers and discussion leaders through its speakers bureau. This bureau was set up last May to provide information to all groups interested in China.

More than thirty professors and graduate students in East Asian studies will participate in the study project. These will include Ezra F. Vogel and Donald W. Klein, both research associates in the East Esian Studies Center.

Invitations Given

Seven invitations have been received to lead discussions in local League branches, Crampton said. Plans are being made to go to Winchester, Lexington, and Worcester in the early fall.

In addition to providing speakers, ARFEP has drawn up a bibliography of books on different aspects of China for the League, and helped organized a sylabus for the project.

ARFEP will try to encourage more discussion of China in local groups in the future, Crampton said. It plans to offer information and background about China to political candidates in the November election, he said.