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Order out of Chaos

In the old days, residents of the Yard sometimes got out of line. Riots over letter butter in the College's

House System

I n the midst of a third year of a $50 million renovation project, the structure of Harvard's 13 residential

Credibility and conciliation

S everal members of the Friends of the Spartacus Youth League came before the Undergraduate Council last March, complaining that

College Plans Quad Facelift, Aims for NoHo Dining Hall

As workmen continue to refurbish Dunster, Eliot, and Kirkland Houses this week, Harvard is considering blueprints for the next phase

Undergraduate Council Votes To Consider Pi Eta Censure

In a meeting marked by heated debate and parliamentary intricacy, the Undergraduate Council last night voted to further consider a

There's No Place Like Home

As students began to riot at college campuses across the country in 1969, Harvard officials believed it couldn't happen here.

Epps 'Not Optimistic' About Campus Concert With The Greatful Dead

Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III will give his decision Wednesday on whether the rock band The Grateful Dead

Council Plans Referendum on Grateful Dead Rock Concert

The Undergraduate Council voted unanimously last night to hold a student referendum on whether the council should sponsor a concert

Council Re-Approves Funds For Disputed Advocate Grant

Reversing a previous decision, the Undergraduate Council last night visual to award the Harvard Advocate $1,000 toward the publication of

Council Voids Dudley Elections

The Undergraduate Council last night voted to nullify the results of the recent Dudley House elections after a group of

The Grills Next Door

By day, they lie dark and dormant in the basement labyrinths of nine houses. But come nightfall, their stoves heat

Council Pays for Posters and Pastries

As the Undergraduate Council's communications and finance committee begins processing its more than $36,000 in grant and loan requests from

Inactivity Plagues Friends of ROTC

Six months after College recognition of a campus organization for Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) students incited widespread debate, the

Holworthy Hall, John Harvard Adorn Prime Time TV Movie

Expos papers and Chem 10 problem sets were put on hold last night as students found an escape from midterms

Grassroots Government

"Okay, do I hear a motion to buy 15 kegs and charge three dollars for the dance Dartmouth weekend? Do