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Collins Seeks to Weaken School Committee

Mayor Collins will release a major report at 2 p.m. press conference today recommending that most of the power of

The Higher Education Act: New Step in Federal Aid

The passage of the $2.3 billion Higher Education Bill by the 89th Congress on October 20 heralds a new role

Education School Plans New Library Building

The Graduate School of Education is beginning plans for a new library and may apply for funds under the Higher

Students With Past Leaves of Absence May Get Draft Calls From Some States

Students who have taken a year's of absence in the past may be for induction by their local draft boards

Blaine Examines Sex, Drugs, Riot New Morality

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8--Psychological and disturbances are the real causes behind the so-called student revolution in morality, Dr. Graham B. Blaine

Keppel's Release of Chicago Funds Stirs Angry Protest from All Sides

WASHINGTON, Oct. 7--The brief freeze of $30 million in federal aid to Chicago schools last Friday and the surprise release

Kennedy To Attend Rites For Brother

Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) will attend a memorial service in honor of his brother, the late President John F.

Lowell Snubs LBJ, Attacks Viet Policies

Robert Lowell '25' visiting professor of English, Wednesday refused an invitation to participate is a White House arts festival because

Building Cities, Bridging Gaps

Across the street from the Brattle, sharing the floor above Sage's Market with Rizzo Custom Tailors, is an appendage of