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Another Year, Another War

The grainy flicker of exploding bombs lit up television screens across the Harvard campus March 19. News stations broadcast dim

English Department Fills Faculty Spots

With almost half of its 35 faculty members set to go on leave next year, the Department of English has

15 English Professors To Go On Sabbatical

Nearly half of the faculty in the English department will go on leave at some point next year, including some

Harvard To Hire MIT Psych Professor

In a major coup for the psychology department, psychologist Steven Pinker has decided to leave MIT for an appointment at

Writing Classes Turn Students Away

An impressive creative writing portfolio helped Margaret D. Maloney ’06 get into Harvard, and she intended to take advantage of

English Dept. Hires Scholars Of 20th Century

Poaching from Yale, Slate magazine and the department just down the hall, the Department of English has hired three young