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Harvard, the College We Love to Hate

Ever since I first stepped onto campus for prefrosh weekend four years ago, I’ve done a lot of complaining about

Native Americans Find Campus Family

It is April 12, 2005, and about 10 people are gathering in the private dining room of Quincy House for

Diversity for the Corporation

University President Lawrence H. Summers made a huge mistake. Okay, he’s made a few. But this time his comments have

IOP Talks Voting At Conference

Institute of Politics (IOP) members discussed ways to improve the voting system at a national conference this week, ultimately deciding

Before Congress, Reps Prep At IOP

Freshman representatives of the United States Congress received advice from longtime legislators about how to navigate a bitterly divided Capitol

'Master' Should Have Ended With Slavery

It’s been 150 years since the abolition of slavery, so answer me this: why do I still have a “master?”

Students Watch Election Unfold at Institute

Excited election followers—mostly Democrats—milled around the Institute of Politics (IOP) last night to watch the votes come in and listen

Students Swap School for Campaigns

Recent graduates and Harvard student willing to take time off are working across the country for this year’s presidential race.

Panel Serious About Political Parody

A panel of high-profile African-American academics along with a reverend, a film director and the founder of an educational media

Record Rate of Students to Vote

College students will go to the polls in record numbers and a majority of them will cast their vote for

9/11 Report In Line With Bush, Says Director

The executive director of the 9/11 Commission said yesterday that contrary to press accounts, the commission’s best-selling report did not

HRC Votes To Back Gay Marriage Bill

The Harvard Republican Club (HRC) decided Wednesday night to maintain its support for the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), a part

Shades of Crimson

This is the seat of the most powerful government in the world, in one of the most diverse nations in

Dems To Rank Council Candidates

Members of the Harvard College Democrats circulated the group’s first-ever questionnaire last night to all Undergraduate Council candidates to identify

HRC Reconsiders Stance on Gay Rights

The Harvard Republican Club (HRC) considered but did not vote on a proposal that called for the group to withhold