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It’s clear that director George Clooney wants you to relax as you watch the first minutes of his new film.

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I feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. Sure, she’s a bratty celebutante with minimal talent, prone to throwing narcissistic tantrums at

Indie Explosion Lights Up MFA

The Books Friday, April 29 Settling into her seat last Friday night in the Museum of Fine Arts’ sterile auditorium,

Gadfly: The Week in Buzz

SCOOP DOGG FIZZLES, FO’RIZZLE! Harvard, ever the cultural arbiter, rejected plans to bring Snoop Dogg to campus last week, citing

NEW MUSIC: Of Montreal

“Requiem for O.M.M. 2” kicks off “The Sunlandic Twins” with a hit of nostalgia. A sense of reverent déjà-vu comes