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In Memoriam: The Golden Boy

Paul Gilligan Jr. read this piece at his son’s funeral yesterday. Paul Gilligan, my brother Daniel Seltzer and I used

Double the Fun

The day my twin brother Danny and I got into Harvard was about as stereotypical as it gets. After we

Epic Proportions

Since we current post-adolescents were actual adolescents, beginning to think about leaving the nest, we’ve experienced a barrage of epic

Act Your Age

Harvard students need to grow down. We’re so enamored of our big name professors and the prospect of respectable jobs


God and I have always had a complicated relationship. I attended a progressive Jewish day school, where I had an

Yalie Chloe Pens Screed About Sex and the Safety School

When Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw stepped onto the cultural scene at the dawn of the millennium, the chick-lit heroine

Gadfly: The Week in Buzz

SCOOP DOGG FIZZLES, FO’RIZZLE! Harvard, ever the cultural arbiter, rejected plans to bring Snoop Dogg to campus last week, citing

Taking Abroad View

On page 10 of “Harvard Rules” (the perusal of which occupied my eight-hour travel day at the end of spring

Ay, There’s the Club

When I was six or so, my friends and I started a club. It was called the “Best of Friends

Let’s Talk About… You Know

With the widespread fear that the Dems lost the presidential race due to so-called Moral Values, the party has been

Larry Learns a Lesson

Larry Summers may not know what he’s talking about, but when he talks about what he knows, he can be

It’s Simple as 1,2,3

When I was in 9th grade, Geometry was my favorite subject. I was bored in English and History (my perennial

Editors' Notes

FM has always been much cooler than me. When I was a freshman, writers’ meetings intimidated me because I could

Play a song for me

I didn’t always like the sound of Bob Dylan’s voice, but I always loved his songs. When I was thirteen,


The new face of FM gossip: stinging rumor, swollen innuendo. THE GAME DRINKING GAME! It’s time for Gadfly’s 322nd Annual