Eric D. Biewener ’06


House: yo mama’s house! ha ha ha ha
Concentration: Folklore and Mythology
Hometown: yo mama’s house! ha ha ha ha
Ideal Date: My girlfriend gets me front-row tickets to a Phish concert. She can come if she wants, so long as she doesn’t expect me to pay any attention to her or protect her from the tour rats
Best way for a girl to get your attention: Cover herself in glow-in-the-dark paint and turn off the lights... ohhhh yeahhhh...
Where to find you on a Saturday night: Sipping scotch with the lads down at the snooker lodge as we regale each other in ye olden times gone past of yesteryear
First thing you notice about a girl: How holy their soul is
Your best pick-up line: “PLEASE!!! I’M SO DESPERATE!!!”
Best or worst lie you’ve ever told: “Baby, of course I love you.”
Describe yourself in three words: Strait gangsta playamuthafucka
In 15 minutes you are: Worried that no one will find my responses to these questions amusing
In 15 years you are: Probably a little heavier and saggier, but still maintaining that subtle spark of sex appeal that,with luck, will eventually lead to victory in my war against virginity