Overheard: Cambridge

Daughter: Can we leave? I feel like I’m inside a J. Crew catalogue. Why is that guy wearing a bow tie?


Son: Is this a city?

Father: Yes, it’s part of a big city.

Son: It looks like an an empty doughnut factory.

Father: A lot of smart people are here...quiet, smart people.


Construction Worker 1: Does he think I’m an idiot? Does he think I’m an idiot?

Construction Worker 2: Nah, he’s just strict.

Construction Worker 1: He treats me like a fucking idiot.

Construction Worker 2: He’s not that bad to you.

Construction Worker 1: You’re an idiot.

Construction Worker 2: I think we all agree, you’re the idiot here.


Father: This is the John Harvard statue!

Mother: Okay guys, time for a picture. Let’s see if someone will take it....