Ana L. Reyes

Delphine Rodrik

Hometown: Tampa, Fla. (born in Cuba)

Dorm/Assigned House: Matthews/Kirkland

Concentration: Undecided

Where to find you on a Saturday night: Here, always surrounded by charismatic people; when I’m back home, playing dominoes, musical chairs, or belly dancing to Shakira with my grandma

Something you’ve always wanted to tell someone: Castro, to let my people free.

Most embarrassing Harvard moment: I was walking past this guy and I didn’t notice he had his Bluetooth on, so he was like, “Hey, how are you?” and I was like, “Good and you?!”

Favorite childhood activity: Pretending I was the little mermaid

Bourgeois construct: No comprende.

Describe yourself in three words: Sweet, driven, loving