On the Road: Stories From J-Term

Jake Freyer

From Vietnam to New York City, the Navajo Nation to the mall, FM scattered across the globe this J-Term, and then wrote about it. The perils of crossing the street, the cozy afternoon spent in a homey set of PJs, the agony of a full-face wax—all fleeting thoughts transformed into penned entries. From little cafes, California mountains, and foreign streets, we’re passing on snapshots of those five glorious weeks of freedom, glimpses of the world that spins outside the Harvard bubble.

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Individual J-Term Journals:

Speeches Past, Maya S. Jonas-Silver

Diet Soda, Reina A.E. Gattuso


On the Road: Stories From J-Term Flash Graphic

Staring into the Sun, Delphine Rodrik

El Brillante, Rebecca F. Elliott

The Cost of Becoming a Real Woman, Ginny C. Fahs

On a Road, Victoria A. Baena

Street View, Marina Molarsky-Beck

Walking Backwards Through Traffic, Nicole J. Levin

Grant me Chastity and Continence, But Not Yet, Rachel Gibian

Alien Encounters, Amna H. Hashmi

The Bottom of the Dog Pile, Megan B. Prasad

What You Keep, Gina K. Hackett

A Trip to the Zoo, Nicole J. Levin

Twenty-Seven Shots, Olivia M. Munk

Limbo Has a Buffet, and Barbecue on Tuesdays, Kevin T. Wittenberg

Sixteen Christmases, Delphine Rodrik