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Study Examines Social Class and Social Media

By using Facebook to analyze over 50 billion friendships across 187 countries, a recent study conducted in part by one Harvard professor suggests that people from “high social class” countries tend to have lower percentages of international friends.

Lab of Innovation

I-Lab Medical Teams Focus on Allergies and Sexual Health

As dozens of teams at the Harvard Innovation Lab tackle contemporary challenges with their entrepreneurial projects, Confi and Antera Therapeutics stand out in the field of medicine.

Harvard Business School

Kraft Foundation Gives Business School $20 Million Gift

The Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation has pledged to donate $20 million to Harvard Business School to endow a fund to support research and the advancement of precision medicine.

Student Life

Harvard i-Lab Celebrates Four Years

The i-Lab was founded as a place for students across the University’s schools to collaborate on entrepreneurial projects and learn about innovation, managing director Jodi Goldstein said.

Veteran’s Day Stadium Run
Harvard Law School

Veterans, Students Run Stadiums to Fundraise for Veterans

Under a rainy evening sky on Veterans Day, former service members, ROTC members, and civilians ran the steps of Harvard Stadium to raise money for a veterans’ education program.

Harvard Business School
Central Administration

Business School Capital Campaign Passes $861 Million

The most recently released data indicates that the Business School is currently at 86 percent of its target fundraising efforts

Aliko Dangote
On Campus

Aliko Dangote

Nigerian entrepreneur Aliko Dangote Dangote, named Africa’s wealthiest business man by Forbes, speaks during an event hosted by the Center for African Studies. Caroline Elkins, the CAS faculty director who opened the event, highlighted Dangote’s impact on growing Nigeria’s economy, likening Dangote to names like Rockefeller and Jobs for his “impact as a business leader and the ways in which he has been a change engine for not only his country, but his continent.”

Aliko Dangote
Harvard Business School

Nigerian Billionaire Discusses Business Success

Speaking to a room full of Harvard Business School students, Dangote advised staying aggressive and remaining in the market during tough economic times, and described an instance when his company faced forty two percent interest rates.

The President's Challenge
Harvard Business School

The President's Challenge

Stig Leschly, CEO of MATCH Education, gives the opening keynote at 2016 President’s and Dean’s Challenges Kickoff.

Allston Campus Rendering
Harvard Business School

Allston Building Projects Progressing as Planned, Harvard Says

Construction Mitigation Director Edward G. LeFlore updated Allston residents Monday evening on the University's progress on SEAS, Business School, and community construction projects in Allston.

Harvard Business School

Business School Hosts Annual Energy Symposium

​Heated debates and thought-provoking questions marked the Harvard Business School’s 12th annual Energy Symposium this weekend, hosted by the school's Energy and Environment Club.

Harvard Business School

Companies Showcase Drones in Harvard Stadium

Hosted by SEAS, Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Xfund, the event was one of the last of HUBWeek, a weeklong series of educational events in the Greater Boston area.

Harvard Innovation Lab Presentations During HUBweek
Harvard in the City

Harvard Innovation Lab Presentations During HUBweek

Elsa Sze talks about Agora, an online town hall she founded to promote accessibility to political participation, as part of HUBweek.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Files Plans for New Business School Buildings

The two buildings will replace the existing Burden Hall building with around 105,100 square feet of new construction, approximately 35,000 square feet smaller than the project approved in the University’s 2013 Institutional Master Plan.

Harvard Business School

HBS Looks To Replicate Classroom with New Online Initiative

HBX Live classrooms will exist entirely online and in real time. In a custom-designed WGBH studio, a high-resolution video wall mimics the amphitheater-style seating of a Business School classroom.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes