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Students Rally Against Sexual Assault
Student Life

Seeking to Prevent Sexual Assault, Harvard's Progress is Uneven

At an institution with a long history of decentralization, swift and coordinated action does not come easily—even on the “the serious problem of sexual assault.”

Massachusetts Hall
Harvard Business School

With Additional Target, Business School Charts Separate Fundraising Course

In an apparent deviation from the rest of Harvard's fundraising practices, the Business School announced last week that it will seek to raise an additional $300 million after having reached its $1 billion goal.

Harvard Business School

Businessman Appeals Libel Suit Against Harvard Business Review

An entrepreneur has launched an appeal in a lawsuit he brought against the Harvard Business Review in 2016 that alleged the publication printed libelous information about his career.

Baker in Snow
Harvard Business School

Business School Passes $1 Billion Campaign, Raises Goal by $300 Million

The Harvard Business School has surpassed its $1 billion capital campaign goal over a year ahead of the campaign’s deadline, prompting a $300 million addition to the original campaign goal.

HGC Meeting
Graduate School of Design

HGC Meeting

Simeon Bochev, Harvard Business School Lead Rep and Harvard Graduate Council Vice President moderates a meeting of the council Monday evening.

Major Key
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Major Key

If only we could be as cool as this guy!

Major Key
Harvard Business School

Major Key Alert: DJ Khaled is coming to campus

Yes, it’s reading period, and yes, everyone has papers to finish and exams to study for, so if you’re hesitant to take even a short break to witness a legend on campus, just remember that even though they don’t want you to take a break, they don’t want you to have fun, and they don’t want you to hear the wise words of DJ Khaled, you really, really should.​

Proud to be Asian-American

Trump Picks HBS Alumna Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary

​Elaine L. Chao, a Harvard Business School alumna and former U.S. Secretary of Labor, has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to serve in his cabinet as the next Transportation Secretary.

Debate at the Queen's Head

Bannon, Conway Among 2016 Political Advisers to Convene at IOP

Campaign managers for President-elect Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as well as Trump's chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, will convene on campus for a two-day event at the IOP.

Harvard Business School

Radcliffe Dean Criticizes Bannon’s Comments in Open Letter

Lizabeth Cohen criticized Donald Trump’s chief strategist, for comments in an open letter she signed with the presidents of six historically all-women colleges.

Harvard Business School

HBS Women Oppose Alumnus Steve Bannon as Trump Strategist

More than 1,000 current students and alumni of Harvard Business School signed a letter denouncing Stephen K. Bannon, a 1985 Business School graduate and President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for chief strategist.

Future Harvard Innovation Wet Lab Building

First 11 Biotech Startups Admitted to Harvard’s Life Lab

The Harvard Life Lab, a new biotech research and enterprise facility in Allston, has selected 11 young companies to take up residence in advance of its November opening.

Bloomberg Against Censorship
Harvard Kennedy School

Bloomberg Gives $32 Million for Mayoral Leadership Program

As many as 300 mayors and 400 aides are expected to participate over the course of the four-year program.

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School

Business School Names First HBS Building after a Woman, Asian American

​Harvard Business School officials dedicated the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center last week, marking the first time in Harvard’s history that a campus building has been named after a woman and a person of Asian-American descent.

Channing Tatum at HBS
Harvard Business School

HBS Goes A-List with Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum—yes, the Channing Tatum, who almost never sports a shirt on the big screen—enrolled in an executive education course about entertainment, media, and sports at Harvard Business School.