Black Health Matters Conference Draws Students and Researchers

The first Black Health Matters conference kicked off in Cambridge this weekend with panels and workshops focused on health disparities in the black community.

Love Your Body Day

Celebrating Body Positivity, ECHO Holds Annual 'Love Your Body Day'

“We’re here to become a space where people can talk about body image, love their bodiest,” Maldonado said. “I think that’s an important thing we are trying to emphasize this year.”

Donna Shalala

Former Clinton Administrator Reflects on Career

Shalala said that the failure of the Clinton Administration to pass healthcare reform was among her regrets as Health and Human Services secretary.


Epidemic Experts Congregate at Symposium

"We were interested in broadening that idea, or turning it on its head, to also understand contagion as the root of many social ills.”


Former Surgeon General Talks Workplace Loneliness

“The issue of depression and loneliness among medical students and graduate students is hugely underestimated."

Eliot House Flu Shots
On Campus

Eliot House Flu Shots

HealthPALs stand in Eliot House’s dining hall during dinner hours to offer students the flu vaccine.

HerCampus College Fashion Week

Photos of the Weekend 09.24.17


HUHS to Offer Remote Counseling Services Through iHope

Harvard University Health Services may refer students to remote counseling through a partnership with telemedicine company iHope Network.

Student Life

New Fitness Group Offers Discounted Classes

In addition to on-campus gymnasiums like Hemenway and the Malkin Athletic Center, Harvard students now have the option to join peers in regular outings to luxury fitness studios around Cambridge.

Currier House

Isolated Cases of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Confirmed on Campus

The viral illness, usually contracted by infants and young children, can result in mouth sores and skin rashes.

Lowell Construction

Peer Counseling Groups Relocate During Lowell Construction

Renovations in Lowell House have forced two peer counseling groups, ECHO and Response, to seek new spaces on campus for the next two years.

UHS Under Construction
College Life

Mumps Returns to Harvard with Two Confirmed Cases

​Harvard University Health Services has confirmed two cases of mumps on campus as of June 22, 2017.

EMS Softball Game

The 'What If': Crimson EMS

During the average week, the EMTs monitor between one and five intramural sports games per night and one or two parties per night on weekends.

Mather House

Tuberculosis Suspect Case Released, No Other Cases Found

A Mather House resident suspected of having tuberculosis has been released from self-isolation after two weeks.

Chicken and Rice
Food and Drink

E. Coli Outbreak Temporarily Closes Chicken & Rice Guys Food Truck

An outbreak of E.coli has forced the closure of the Boston area's Chicken & Rice Guys locations, including the food truck often parked in the Science Center Plaza.