1990 Reunion: Apartheid Protests Compilation

Calls for Divestment: A Retrospective

While administrators harbored mixed feelings for the anti-apartheid and anti-tobacco movements, on the whole they acknowledged students’ interest in the issues and right to protest respectfully.

BGLSA 'Eat-In"
Student Life

Left, Right Extremes Clashed on Campus

As the extreme political viewpoints became more and more outspoken, Harvard was thrust into a period of fierce political debate.

A Rebel Flag
Student Life

Political Correctness Debate Shook Harvard

While students who were on campus agreed that Harvard administrators did not formally constrain the way students conveyed their beliefs, they added that the general climate of the student body exerted social pressure, determining what could and could not be said.

Society of Nerds and Geeks
Student Groups

Nerds Joined Forces to Fight Anti-Intellectualism

Having a 24-hour library was one of the main goals of the Harvard Society of Nerds and Geeks, a group Kahn formed during the ’89-’90 school year.

Martha McSally
Harvard Kennedy School

From Fighter Pilot Squadron Leader to Congresswoman

McSally demonstrated her perseverance not only in her efforts to keep her dreams of flying fighter jets alive, but also in athletic successes that made an impression on those who knew her at Harvard.

Artur Davis

‘Government Geek’ Pursued His Political Ambitions

The diversity of thought and the rigor Davis found in his academic work at Harvard challenged him to consider the viewpoints of others in ways that have influenced his subsequent political career.

Anna E. Cabral

Right on the Money: A U.S. Treasurer and Public Servant

Ultimately for Cabral, public service was her way of answering a question she posed to herself: “How do I give back for these great gifts that I’ve gotten?”

Paul Wylie

Olympic Silver Medalist Balanced School and Training

Wylie took two years off to train but did not lose sight of his dream to attend Harvard, eventually finding his way to the University with the hope of balancing his athletic career with his academic ambitions.

Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft

Montgomery Sheriffs and Protesters 1965

‘Busy Making History’

Marshall L. Ganz '64 was one of many Harvard students who found ways to engage in activism while at school in Cambridge, in a community that many described as increasingly supportive of the civil rights movement.

Courtyard, 1965
House Life

Despite Overcrowding in Houses, Most Students Elected To Remain

In the fall of 1964, about 140 Harvard students made the switch to off-campus housing, with many of them making the choice “out of the College’s convenience” to spare much-needed space in the House system. Meanwhile, at Radcliffe, 32 students did the same.

Robert Kraft

Robert K. Kraft HBS '65: Business Leader and Family Man

Kraft’s love for his family and passion for philanthropy have allowed him to live up to his father’s ethical will through prioritizing the needs of others, be it his sons or students at the Business School.


Terrence F. Malick '65: A Nontraditional Start to Filmmaking

In the end, though, Malick’s relatively late start to film and appearingly unrelated knack for philosophy at the College contributed to his cinematic style and success.

Hendrik Hertzberg

Hendrik Hertzberg '65: From Crimson Managing Editor to New Yorker Journalist

Hertzberg, who now serves as a senior editor at The New Yorker, said that his time at Harvard—primarily his experiences at The Crimson and the relationships he formed with his classmates—was instrumental in setting the foundation for his career.

Montgomery Police 1965

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