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Central Administration

Experts Question Report Alleging Harvard's Involvement in Land Grabs

Amidst accusations in a recently published report that Harvard is investing in a “land-grabbing” hedge fund, experts in the field are questioning the document's accuracy.

Social Sciences Division

Before War in Libya, Professors Advised Gaddafi

After some Harvard Professors provided consulting work for Muammar Gaddafi, they have come under scrutiny for the appropriateness of such activity.

Book Digitization

Digitizing Knowledge

The DPLA, its leaders say, will place the resources of top research libraries in the world in the pocket of every American.


Mendillo’s HMC

HMC has repositioned itself to take more responsibility for guaranteeing the University’s budgetary needs, and has abandoned its image as a one-client hedge fund.

Student Life

Faust Reflects on Gomes at Baccalaureate

University President Drew G. Faust invoked the late Rev. Peter J. Gomes at yesterday’s Baccalaureate Service, encouraging members of the Class of 2011 to maintain their identities as they go off to achieve their goals.

Remembering Reverend Peter J. Gomes
Drew Faust

Remembering Reverend Peter J. Gomes


Harvard Professor Says He Was Misled After Monitor Admits Lobbying Efforts in Libya

Monitor Group said on Friday that elements of work it conducted for Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan regime from 2006 through 2008—with support from some members of the Harvard faculty—should have been identified as lobbyist activity according to federal policy, leading one involved Harvard professor to say he was misled.


Harvard Management Company Announces New Hire

Harvard Management Company, which oversees the University’s endowment, announced yesterday that it has hired John Devir, a former managing director and head of equity strategies at Barclays Capital, as its managing director of stocks in developed markets.


FAS Deficit Expected To Shrink to $16 million This Fiscal Year

The progress, Smith said, keeps FAS on track to balance its structural deficit by the end of the 2012 fiscal year.


Faculty Notebook: The Cookies Are Back

Even though beach season is less than a month away, professors munched away on the much-missed sweets in Tuesday’s Faculty meeting.


Harvard Professor Marc Hauser Replicates Findings in Study Cited in Misconduct Investigation

The journal Science will publish on Friday a replication of a 2007 ­study co-authored by Psychology Professor Marc D. Hauser, who was found to be “solely responsible” for eight charges of scientific misconduct in a University investigation last August.


Psychology Department Bars Hauser from Teaching

Psychology Department Chair Susan E. Carey ’64 confirmed that psychology professor Marc D. Hauser will not be teaching next academic year.


Controversial Peretz Fund To Be Allocated

Juniors will find out next week whether they will receive a portion of the $19,000 planned to be disbursed for senior thesis research through the Peretz fund, which faced controversy in the fall due to statements made by its namesake.


FAS Dean Expected To Give Financial Update

Many faculty members say they hope next year’s budget will address the needs of growing departments, several of which say they have been short-staffed in recent years.

House Life

Swing Spaces to House Students

Students will be housed in three different swing space locations around Harvard Square during the renovation of Old Quincy, administrators announced on Friday.