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Uneven 'Captain America' Misses Mark

Despite the abundant potential for social commentary or simple self-conscious satire, this plodding film makes no bold statements, provides little fodder for even old-fashioned escapism, and amounts to little more than a strangely compelling, unfulfilled promise.


'Cars 2' Is a Failure of Imagination

In “Cars 2,” it seems the punchline of every joke and plot point could be replaced with an all-too-obvious “Look! It’s our world…only all cars!” For a studio that has made some of the best films of any medium, that lack of emotional engagement seems a wrong turn.


'The Universal Sigh' Hits Newsstands

For those of you who wondered what British alternative rock band Radiohead meant when they announced last February that they were releasing the world's first "Newspaper Album," ponder no more. "The Universal Sigh," a bizarre conglomeration of short stories, poetry, lyrics, and art in a style similar to the album cover of their latest album, "The King of Limbs," is being released today, March 29, in conjunction with the physical album release of "Limbs." You can pick up a physical copy of the paper for free at 22 JFK Street, according to the paper's official website.


Noah and the Whale Craft Album of Nuanced Pop

On “Last Night On Earth,” Noah and the Whale craft blissful portraits of longing and unbounded joy which they builds into irresistible, if occasionally trite, pop songs.


Top Five Songs That, When You Think About It, Aren't That Romantic

Ben analyzes some lyrics and starts to get worried.


Cee Lo Green is a Musical Lady Killer

The successful formula of "Fuck You!" of rooting modern musical techniques in a foot-stomping core of soul is pervasive throughout Cee Lo’s fantastic LP “The Lady Killer.”


Warpaint Doesn’t Get It Right

Unfortunately, Warpaint foregoes some of the essentials, like nuance and songcraft, in creating the nine overly similar tracks of “The Fool.”


Young Returns to Relevance With ‘Le Noise’

Young takes a more reserved, stripped-down approach on “Le Noise,” distilling the full-band noise-making machine that was Crazy Horse down to its most essential components.

Jameson Marvin

Jameson Marvin

One might think the entire sound of the Glee Club is emanating from Jameson N. Marvin, the Holden Choirs’ conductor. This June, after 32 years, he’s stepping down.

Wilco at the Advocate
On Campus

Wilco Advocates Balance and Personality

Perhaps the strangest thing about seeing John Stirratt and Nels Cline of Wilco comfortably eating burritos at the Harvard Advocate at 2 p.m. on a Monday was that it didn’t seem at all strange to them.


The White Stripes

“Under Great White Northern Lights” opts for an unfocused, superficial look at the White Stripes.


Local Natives

On “Gorilla Manor,” Local Natives don’t present anything the audience hasn’t heard before. Instead, they encapsulate the current state of a genre that is characterized by its indefinable nature.



Impressively, Sade have managed to generate ten new song titles, which is seven more than there are distinguishable songs on the album.

Student Life

Meteors Disappoint Watching Students

Students who camped out at two o’clock yesterday morning hoping to see a spectacular display of shooting stars said they were underwhelmed.


‘Attempts’ Tries Innovative Theater