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We Really Are the World

A slight lyrical change overlooked by many music critics suggests that these celebrities may be at the forefront of a religious cause in addition to a humanitarian one.


Sex, Love, and Purim

Sexual desire, in other words, can become a vehicle for consecration if it is acted upon in the proper place and context.


Indecent Proposal

You would think it would take a miracle for the two opposing attorneys of Bush v. Gore (2000) to find ...


Nice Guys Finish Last

Hopefully, with a contract barring his return to television until September, Conan will use the time to pick up the pieces of his franchise and muster up the confidence to arm his jests next time with the caustic social commentary that America has always looked to late night to provide.


Blood on a Broomstick

Quidditch is sheer, brutal anarchy, an absurd and ludicrous hybrid of rugby, dodgeball, basketball, and soccer.


Iraq War Vet Promotes Service

Youth involvement in politics and community service is the key to catalyzing change in government policy, according to Anthony Woods, a former U.S. Army captain and Kennedy School graduate who was honored with the Harvard College Democrats’ “Rising Star Award” in the Kirkland Junior Common Room last night.

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I’m a Big Kid Now

It’s not for themselves that the Social Studies faculty should be concerned when it comes to the concentration’s title. It’s for their students.