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To Save The Jews

Israel is a haven for the most persecuted population in human history. It is the civilized world’s answer to the reality of rampant anti-Semitism across the globe.


The Top Five Cancelled Shows You Should Watch During Reading Period

It’s a sad fact that the Arts movies section has a poor track record when it comes to recommendations. Just last issue, in the “Viewers Might Also Enjoy” box, we dubiously claimed that those who liked “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” would also be into “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.”


Oddball ‘Moneyball’ is an Unlikely Success

“Moneyball” is the quintessential anti-sports movie. It is a baseball film in which the actual game barely features, and the players themselves are given mere bit parts in their own story.


Protecting the Dignity of Discourse on Campus

Too often, we forget that freedom of speech is largely about silence. The dignity of discourse in America stems not merely from the right of each individual to speak freely, but from those who might vehemently disagree making space for that person to express themselves.


Reclaiming Goldstone’s Missed Opportunity

Goldstone’s retraction allows us to reclaim the missed opportunity of his mandate, and ask the hard questions about appropriate wartime conduct that have so far been sidestepped in favor of political posturing.


Controversial 'Kennedys' To Premiere April 3

The ambitious series was originally developed by the History Channel—its most expensive program to date—only to be canceled after completion due to outcry from friends, relatives, and former aides of the late president.


James Kugel Reflects on Holiness

Kugel’s meditation on religion is a deeply human one—part scholarship, part personal confession.


The Case Against Course Blogs

Blogs tend to perform functions already served by the course, but with the added hassle of unnecessary technology.


Five Harvard Movies or TV Series That Have Yet To Be Made

The success of “The Social Network” has brought to light a completely underexploited niche in popular film: the Harvard drama.


‘Hereafter’ Weaves A Bleak Tapestry of Death and Beyond

Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter” is a harsh film. In almost every frame, there is pain, crowding around the edges and waiting to reenter the scene even during the movie’s brief romantic respites.


‘Toy Story 3’ Is An Adult’s Film For Children

“Toy Story 3” is unmasked as a film that uses the conventions of children’s cinema to ponder adult questions, where the answers and characters do not fall into easily distinguishable boxes.


Goldstein Opens Up Religious Discussion in ‘36 Arguments’

“36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction” doesn’t settle any of the questions it raises, but it certainly edifies, entertains, and provokes.


How to Train Your Dragon

For all the CGI bombast, though, what carries “How to Train Your Dragon” is the dialogue written for its characters and handed off to a superb cast.


Steinberg Renews Jewish Literary Tradition in ‘Prophet’s Wife’

It is not every biblical book that opens with God commanding his prophet to go marry a prostitute. But this is exactly what the prophet Hosea is told to do at the outset of his biblical career.


The Good Guy

This is the sort of movie where it almost feels as though the person who wrote the second page never read the first.