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Christopher M. Lehman

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Healthcare Immunity

Harvard’s own healthcare services and insurance programs will hardly require any retooling at all, because the University is already in compliance with Massachusetts’s 2006 healthcare reform law, which overlaps substantially with the act.


Elite Speak

It is thus unlikely that aversion to elitism will go away any time soon.


No Fair

Fairness is a concept central to how we view society and our interactions with each other.


Desensitize This

Although there are many ills in the world that deserve our attention, we should take time to reflect on how lucky we are to exist in such an advanced state at all.


Bleeding Heart What?

I sincerely hope that “liberal” is a term that will one day come to be understood in all its nuances.


Federal Bureau of Sleepy Times

It is both inaccurate and unjust to continue referring to all illegal drugs as narcotics. Such rhetoric distorts rational thinking on the subject and stalls efforts to reach a better solution.