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Lunch Break: Thomas A. Dingman '67

“Freshmen: always making a mess,” Thomas A. Dingman '67 says, which is acknowledged by a knowing nod.


International Jazz Day Today

Don't forget to celebrate the first-ever International Jazz Day today!

In The Meantime

A Museum’s Hidden Curiosities

"We don’t want people touching, but we can’t do a whole lot about that,” says Adam J. Aja, smiling.


FM Learns Its Lines

The subway, the train, the T, the underground, the metro, the tube-whatever you call it, it's how we get around. Boston's happens to be the first, and when one has the world's most ancient subway system, it's easy to dismiss it as old news. But the MBTA has a big birthday this year, and it deserves its rightful centennial celebration. For the week, we played "I Spy." This is what we saw.




The Delphic Renamed "The Dolphin"

Would the Delphic benefit from a rebranding effort? Somebody seems to think so.

Cabot House
House Life

Cabot House

As part of our Housing Market series, we'll be posting reviews and rankings for each of Harvard's 12 residential Houses over the next few days. Click here to read more about the series. There's nothing worse than getting a bum rap, and the replies to Flyby's poll were unequivocal about Cabot House's reputation: "It's sad how people don't know how great Cabot is;" "People don't give it enough credit, and give you crap for living there when it's actually awesome;" "People hate on it too much, for no reason." Perhaps Cabotites are a bit bitter about past rankings, but they have plenty of things to say about why Cabot House is one of the best Houses on campus, if not the best.

In The Meantime

The Word: Ketchup

We used to always share fries, and I’d always remember to ask for more ketchup at the drive-thru because that was one of my dad’s favorite recurring parts from “A Prairie Home Companion”: a PSA about ketchup and its value as a “natural mellowing agent”—funny jingle included.


The Dilemma of the Radical

The difference between an activist and a radical is not necessarily clear, and the Harvard activist, it seems, resists easy categorization.

On Campus


Excess in age a vice, but in youth a virtue.

In The Meantime

In and Around Language: What's Up with "Startup"?

With or without the hyphen, the word “startup” is as puzzling as it is ubiquitous.


Who is Louis Menand?

Who is Louis Menand? To take a Menandian approach to this question, I propose an examination of the history.


Neil Degrasse Tyson '80

When the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto from planet to dwarf planet in 2006, more than a handful of Americans ...


Joshua Redman '91

Jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman ’91 never planned to become a professional musician. Redman, who originally used his mother’s last name ...

College Life

Harry Potter 7.2: The Drinking Game

There's no better way to watch “The Deathly Hallows: Part 2" than with drinks pouring.