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"The Words" Stumbles Over Sentimentality

Despite selling a film whose premise and bill reasonably suggest a good movie, the directors’ screen-time emphasis on canned emotional responses sadly distract from any larger moral to be gained.


Wooden ‘In Time’ is a Waste of Time

There are only so many puns that one can make in a world where an individual’s “time” serves as both “life” and “money,” but “In Time” somehow manages to nail them all. Keeping time, saving time, spending time, take your time, lifetime, killing time—it’s 110 minutes of punning and not much else.

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Laura Linney on Balancing a Life in Theater

For Oscar nominee and Emmy Award-winner Laura Linney, visiting Harvard may have felt like coming home. The New York native’s ...


'Machine Gun Preacher' Talks Turnaround

“Machine Gun Preacher” tells the life story of Sam Childers, a drug-dealing biker turned child-saving soldier and teacher of the word of Christ.


Clinical ‘Contagion’ Lacks Character

“Contagion” succeeds as a film about a virus, but not so much as one about people. With ingredients like a stellar cast, a talented writer, exotic locations, an Oscar-winning director, and a proven premise, this movie should have been capable of more than just holding its own.


DisneyNature's 'African Cats' a Stunning Bore

“African Cats” may have been better off as a 30-minute IMAX film to be displayed in science museums instead of being inflated into a dragging full-length feature that desperately reaches for an elusive theme.

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THUD Show Boasts STOMP, Bach, and Robots

THUD performs a varied and rewarding show.


Saoirse Ronan Embraces the Eccentric

With her cheerful tone and soft Irish accent, Saoirse—which means ‘freedom’ in Irish and is pronounced ‘Sear-shuh’—is anything but intimidating. She expresses an acute artistic sensibility and an impressively professional demeanor.


The Bashful Oscar Nominee

For such an accomplished filmmaker, Villeneuve—the writer and director of Oscar-nominated "Incendies"—is remarkably self-effacing.


Stoner Movies Available in HOLLIS

Here is a list of the top 5 stoner movies available through Hollis, to be used for your procrastinating pleasure.

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Actors Shine But ‘Yeomen’ Struggles

As the 11th of the duo’s 14 collaborations, “Yeomen” is one of librettist W. S. Gilbert and composer Arthur Sullivan’s most critically acclaimed works—but this production could have done it a bit more justice.


Newcomers Look to 'Win Win'

Director Tom McCarthy and Hollywood newcomer Alex Shaffer discuss their upcoming film—a quirky wrestling drama with a human touch and an intergenerational cast.


Professors Reflect on Natalie Portman

On Sunday night, Natalie Portman ’03 became the first graduate of Harvard College to win an Academy Award for best actress.


'Just Go With It' is Typical Sandler Cinema Fare

For Sandler fans who enjoy the likes of “Click” and “Mr. Deeds,” “Just Go With It” will not disappoint; as far as Sandler movies go, it’s safe to call this one a success. At the same time, for those who eschew slapstick, no review is really needed to suggest that this film will most likely bore and offend more refined cinematic sensibilities.


What is Cinematography?

Most moviegoers have only a vague notion of this key aspect of filmmaking, for which even Webster’s dictionary gives an unhelpfully nebulous definition: “the art or science of motion-picture photography.” To remedy this confusion, an Oscar primer is in order.

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