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Fall Out Boy: Point-Counterpoint

Before Fall Out Boy saves its genre, two emotionally overwrought Arts writers debate which of the band's earlier albums reigns supreme.


Singles Roundup

New tracks from Fall Out Boy, Toro y Moi, and Justin Timberlake


A$AP Rocky Experiments with Production on Eclectic First Album

Rocky has more than enough panache to carry his first full-length to success, but the album suffers from a lack of writing fundamentals.

On Campus

A List about Lists from the Liszt of Lists

In which I demonstrate my supreme inability to come up with a real list.


Point/Counterpoint: Macklemore's Rising Rap Fame

Macklemore’s career as a mainstream rapper was aided by the release of “Thrift Shop,” his hit single. His rise to fame may signal the birth of a new and original rapper for some. For others, his work may be nothing more than cleverly-disguised tedium.


This Week's Arts Cover: Tailoring

This week’s Crimson arts cover story may have led some readers to believe that Crimson editor Alexander Tang '14 frequents a tailor. Some readers would be mistaken. Mr. Tang was on hand to detail why.


Bespoken For

In the past, the default of dress was set a bit higher than where standards rest today. However, the art form of tailoring is kept safe and well in the hands of a few talented artisans.


Point/Counterpoint: Wagner and his Anti-Semitism

A work of art is inextricably linked to its artist: the works of Richard Wagner would not exist if Wagner were not the man that he was, and Wagner would not have been that man without creating his art. Should an artist’s personal life and character inform our understanding of their art?


Kanye West Defends his Throne on Collaborative Effort

At its best moments, “Cruel Summer” flawlessly interweaves many very different artists to great effect.


The Harrowing, Poignant Journey of Frank Ocean

Through beautiful vocals, imaginative songwriting, lush arrangements, and poignant lyrical themes, Ocean’s debut astounds and probes deeply into his troubled identity.


Odd Future of Filmmaking

It seems Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s Tyler, the Creator is attempting to amass as many creative roles ...

Harvard Square

Late Night Food Fight: Falafel Corner

Some people may have tried to back up these claims with “facts” and “arguments” and “rationale”. Truth be told (for the first time in this series), these people are wrong.


How Strange, Hope

I wish there were some crystallizing moment I experienced where a particular melody struck something deep within me, but, to be honest, that’s not the kind of relationship I shared with Explosions in the Sky. Their music speaks to me of moods, of types of afternoons, of the countless nights I spent with nothing but my thoughts and the sparkling melodies of their album “How Strange, Innocence.” During a time when I was struggling to understand who I was and what I was becoming, I heard in that album melancholy and sadness, but also optimism and a tenacious faith in the goodness of the world.


Mashing Beats with Beethoven and Bizet

The Roving Reporter visits AcousticaElectronica, a party at OBERON that fuses classical music with electronic beats.


Popscreen: Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" is a Confused Mess

The mind of Nicki Minaj must be a confused and frightening place. Mostly confused, but still very frightening.