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Welcome back to Listen Up! It’s been a long summer, and we’ve missed all you readers—almost as much as you’ve missed us.

flyby housing day feature photo

Random, But Unequal

As the Houses undergo a decades-long renewal project aimed, in part, at equalizing their facilities, not all housing experiences will be the same.

Year in Review - Extra: Activity Fair

The Extra-Curriculum

When the classroom leaves them unfulfilled, undergraduates increasingly turn to Harvard’s burgeoning extracurricular scene for another kind of education.

Year in Review - Pfister: Umbrella

The Interim Year

With folksy emails and an open door policy, Donald H. Pfister restored trust in a College community rife with controversy and set the stage for its next permanent chapter.


In Support of Student Activism, Seniors To Don Red Tape On Graduation Caps

Although the demonstration will focus on signaling support for Our Harvard Can Do Better, it will also back the work of a number of other student activist groups on campus.


Flehinger Named Interim Secretary of Ad Board, Will Oversee Period of Transition

Currently the associate secretary of the Administrative Board, Brett Flehinger will replace the current head of the Ad Board, John “Jay” L. Ellison on July 1.

Emily-Stokes Reese
House Life

Cabot Resident Dean To Leave Harvard

Emily W. Stokes-Rees, resident dean of Cabot House, will leave Harvard this summer for a tenure-track position at Syracuse University.

Academic Integrity Panel
House Life

Committee Recommends Changes to Resident Dean Position

The review committee, which was convened last summer, has submitted its recommendations to Interim Dean of the College Donald H. Pfister for approval.

Honor Code Graphic
College Administration

Honor Code Would Face Tough Challenges in Inculcating Culture Shift

Those charged with implementing the honor code may encounter hurdles created by a restructured disciplinary system and a community that may be apathetic to the policy’s purpose.

College Life

Federal Recommendations May Be in Tension with Harvard’s Handling of Sexual Assault

The newly released recommendations could conflict with Harvard's current evidence standards, choice of Title IX coordinators, and the extent of student involvement in the reevaluation of University policies.

Lining Up Harvard's Proposed Honor Code
College Administration

Honor Proposal Would Catch Harvard Up, Incrementally, With the Times

While some members of the committee that drafted the proposal acknowledge its limited scope, they maintain that changes to Harvard’s disciplinary process must be incremental to be effective.

Coming Back
Student Life

Coming Back

Students who have gone home for mental health reasons say they came back to Harvard with a new approach to addressing the difficulties of campus life.

Sexual Assault

Civil Rights Office Opens Investigation of College’s Handling of Sexual Assault Cases

The Office's investigation comes after two undergraduates filed a complaint including testimonials from sexual assault victims.

Going Home

Getting Better

Taking a leave of absence for mental health reasons forces students to deal with new health care providers, a job, and loneliness, but those who have gone through it often said they were better for doing so.

Jay Ellison
College Administration

Ellison To Depart Harvard for Chicago This Summer

Ellison, the administrator who helped oversee the adjudication of last year’s Government 1310 cheating scandal, will leave Harvard this summer to become the dean of students in the college at the University of Chicago.


An Evil Woman




I Am Not at a Cafe


Away in Argentina