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FM Imagines: Breaking: New Gen Ed Categories Announced!

​Faculty opinions have made it clear that our current Gen Ed system is in radical need of improvement to meet students’ intellectual needs in our complex, changing world. As per request, we have pared students’ non-concentration requirements down to only four Gen Ed varieties, often combining old categories that are similar enough if we don’t overthink it; plus, an expository writing course and the study of a foreign language. ​


Write Yourself Out of this Box

​“You can write yourself out of anything,” I tell myself as a sort of mantra while I struggle to type up a simple, short lab report for my graduation-requirement science class, one that’s clearly designed for humanities majors but still manages to leave me with a backpack full of returned tests covered in inky red X’s.


This Might Get Cheesy

A Culver’s in its natural environment, though, is always found in Wisconsin. On the side of any highway, framed by scrubby trees, you’re bound to spot the navy blue oval of a Culver’s sign, that beacon leading to squeaky cheese with a crispy, hot outer crust and served with cups of shamelessly fatty frozen custard.


Scene and Heard: Election Night at the IOP

Campaign yard signs hang from the ceiling like colored shirts from clotheslines. Star shaped balloons and American flags deck the stairwells.


In Defense of Full-Body Spandex

He opened the door to reveal a tiny room cluttered with ski waxing benches, oversized duffels, rainbow clusters of racing skis, and scattered posters of Olympic skiers peeling off the stark white walls. I could tell right away that this wasn’t the latest in ski technology: this was a home.


Poetry by the Charles

Afternoon sunshine twinkles off the Charles River’s tiny blue waves and warms the grass on its shores. Beneath the nearby trees, students lay out on towels with their laptops and textbooks. Some people on the walking path seem hurried, others are enjoying a leisurely jog or stroll. Several, however, have stopped to read the mysterious string of poems stapled to a nearby tree.

Summer in Three Words
Student Life

Summer in Three Words

Wilson and Coughlon with their books

What's On Your Bookshelf?: Coughlon and Wilson Edition

“We should probably tell her about competitive reading,” Coughlon says to Wilson. It turns out the pair’s massive collection isn’t just a hobby—it’s a full-fledged rivalry. Both friends use the website Goodreads to track what they’ve read. Wilson explains, “I’d started in high school, and was mean to Sarah freshman year about her reading habits, and it just so happened that Goodreads instituted a Challenge Yourself book-reading competition, and so we ended up not only challenging ourselves, but each other. We both read 100 or more books [that] year.”


Get Out: Arnold Arboretum

As the school year drudges on, the brown and grey buildings of Cambridge can often feel as confining as our stacks of midterm papers and textbooks. But spring is here, and the sporadic weather can reward us with some gorgeous days. Grab some friends and escape the confines of campus for a day trip to the Arnold Arboretum, the urban nature center maintained by both Harvard and the City of Boston.

Schwalbe Sings

L.A. Jeff

Nico J. Schwalbe ’14 opens the door of a tiny room in the Lowell basement filled with tangled cords, and I take a seat on an amp by the drumset. This is the rehearsal space for L.A. Jeff, a student band Schwalbe helped found. We are soon joined by Sam J.J. Newmark ’14, who greets me and immediately starts unpacking his guitar.

Kirkland H33 10 Years Later

What's Happening Now in the Zuckerberg Suite

I had the opportunity to meet up with four of the seven residents of Zuckerberg’s Facebook suite for some retrospection, reflection, and laughs.


Harvard’s Three Things: An Origin Story Laid Bare

Today, it is said that there are three things every Harvard student must do before graduating: pee on the John Harvard statue, run in Primal Scream, and have sex in the Widener stacks. Yet the lore of Harvard's "Three Things" only developed recently, with nude primal scream being unheard of just 20 years ago.


Letter of Encouragement to Yale

Dear Yale, With the game in two days, you’re the only thing on our mind! Going a whole year since we’ve last seen you has been almost unbearable, but we’re looking forward to being back in your arms soon.

Student Life

Harvard Students Fold Paper Cranes for Marathon Victims

On Wednesday night, around 100 students spent part of the evening folding paper cranes in Winthrop Common Room. The cranes, totalling 285 so far, were made to remember last week’s bombing and subsequent manhunt that claimed four lives and injured hundreds.

Student Groups

On Day of Loss, Hillel Commemorates Israeli Memorial Day

While the Harvard community struggled to comprehend the news of deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon, several dozen students gathered at Harvard Hillel Monday to commemorate Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s day of remembrance for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes