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Arts Board

Arts Vanity: The Fringe Board (A Guide to Crimson Arts)

​It’s come to my attention that some people consider the Arts Board to be a “fringe board” with regard to the rest of the Crimson.


‘Fate of the Furious’ Less Than the Sum of Its Parts

The film should have ended there. This opening sequence was spectacular. It took practically all of the franchise’s standout features—vibrant urban scenes, beautiful cars, thrilling race footage—and compressed them into a simple but outstanding ten minutes. And unlike the rest of the film, it was actually about car racing.


‘Taken’ Down a Notch

From almost any angle, this series looks ill-conceived.

J. Thomas Westbrook

Arts Vanity: Seven Stunning Tips for Boosting Arts Readership

A BuzzFeed odyssey with Blog exec and fake journalist J. Thomas Westbrook.


'Keeping Up with the Joneses' Surprisingly Sedate

“Keeping Up with the Jones” is a fundamentally conservative movie: No one is psychotically wacky; no one is cringe-inducingly awkward. The resulting film ends up being rather restrained.

Son of Zorn

‘Son of Zorn’ Leaves Reality Looking Lifeless

What did this hybrid production look like on the screen? Long story short, animation blows reality out of the water.

Renee E. Zhan

Thesis Spotlight: Renee E. Zhan '16

Perhaps that’s a takeaway of the film—not, as in most anthropomorphizing accounts, that animals can be just like us, but rather that we can be just like animals.


'Batman v Superman' Rollicking and Ridiculous

To sum up criticisms of this movie: The plot is terrible. The two demands of the title—to make the two fight and to launch a host of Justice League movies—prove far too much for this script to bear.

Super Bowl 50 Logo

Super Bowl 50 and the Future of Advertising

A new divide in advertising was on display at this year's Super Bowl.

J. Thomas Westbrook

Arts Vanity Issue: Infinite Zest- A Review of My Breakfast

Consider the orange.


The Changing Face of The Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson has undergone numerous changes, both online and in print, over the past two decades. These changes have shaped the newspaper's focus in both design and content.


Oe Emerges Anew from ‘Death by Water’

Oe expresses fear of "drowning" in both the physical decline of the characters and the stylistic deterioration of Choko’s own writing across most of the novel in an adroit move that risks losing momentum but, due to its expert handling, still succeeds.


'The Secret Chord' Slowly Achieves Resonance

What Brooks has managed is to make the well known story of this royal succession into a moment of great import, a feat that is the epitome of artistry in historical writing.


'Strange Tools' a Magnificent Contribution to Cognitive Studies of Art

“Organization,” as Noë refers to it, is broader than “technology.” Likewise, a choreographer can highlight a particular type of movement or a nature painter can comment upon the way a practiced eye sweeps across a landscape, and these, too, provide artistic insights on organization.

Ariana L. Chaivaranon '18
On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Ariana L. Chaivaranon '18

Prospective VES concentrator Ariana L. Chaivaranon ’18 has designed art for book covers and been featured in magazines. She sat down with The Crimson to discuss art and its place in society.