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Student Involvement Fair

Sixty-Three Student Groups Apply for New Recognition Following Hiatus

63 groups of students applied to form new clubs, commencing the first cycle where the power to approve new organizations will principally rest in the hands of students.

Hotel Glowtel Holiday Inn

House Committees Receive College Funding to Throw Open Parties

In recent weeks, Leverett, Lowell, and Pforzheimer Houses have each hosted their own parties, open to all undergraduates and free of charge.

David Friedrich

College Continues Search for New Associate Dean of Students

​The College hopes to name a new associate dean of students by the spring and fill a final vacancy in the senior ranks of the Office of Student Life.

UC Meeting 9-3
Undergraduate Council

UC Reps Criticize Sachee's Faculty Meeting Remarks

​Several members of the Undergraduate Council contended that Sachee's views did not reflect those of the entire UC.

Annenberg Hall

CEB Withdraws Funding for Campus-Wide Halloween Party

The College Events Board discontinued its sponsorship of a campus-wide “Haunted Hall” Halloween party this year, returning the tradition to its status as a freshman-only social gathering.

Venn Diagram: Betsy DeVos vs. Bottle of Voss

Venn Diagram: Betsy DeVos vs. Bottle of Voss

General Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram: Betsy DeVos/Bottle of Voss

Rarely seen in public schools

Student Life

Pilot Pre-Orientation Program Solicits Student Input, Searches for Director

Planning for the College’s newest pre-orientation program targeted at students from first generation, low-income, and under resourced high schools marches forward as the program irons out logistics and solicits student input.

Radcliffe Institute

Radcliffe Institute Dean Will Step Down at End of Academic Year

Lizabeth A. Cohen, dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, announced Tuesday that she will step down in June 2018 after seven years in the post.

Smith Center
Harvard Square

Smith Campus Center to Feature Top Floor Bar

​Set to open in September 2018, the renovated Smith Campus Center will feature a bar for Harvard affiliates on the building’s top floor, along with several new common spaces.

Berkeley E. Brown '18

Fourteen Senior Class Marshals Selected for Class of 2018

After a two rounds of voting, the class of 2018 has elected eight senior class marshals. The group will join six appointed gift marshals to lead the Senior Class Committee.

Climbing Wall Moved to the Quad
Student Life

Expanded Climbing Wall Reopens at QRAC

Although the new wall is located near the Quad and away from the center of campus, students say attendance numbers in the gym have increased since its relocation.

Thumbs Up

36 Seniors Will Compete for Class Marshal Positions

Thirty-six members of the Class of 2018 declared their candidacy for senior class marshal, the Harvard Alumni Association announced on Tuesday.

Student Involvement Fair

OSL Places Over 50 Student Groups on Probation

Being on probation removes a group’s eligibility to apply for grant funding from the UC and prevents club members from reserving on-campus spaces.

Tim Devin

Tim Devin

Tim Devin is a technology librarian at the Somerville Public Library. He recently published a book that forms the basis for his walking tour: "Mapping Out Utopia: 1970s Boston-area Counterculture."