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Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope "Watch Me"

‘Scandal’: For a Political Drama, 'Watch Me' Remains Suspiciously Stagnant

The biggest challenge “Scandal” writers have this season is figuring out how to introduce complexity and struggle to characters who have already reached their peaks.

Hell's Kitchen: "All-Stars Arrive"

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Serves Up Fresh Faces and Canned Drama

The newest season of “Hell’s Kitchen” is so relentless in its pursuit of drama that it leaves the realm of entertainment and enters one of ridiculousness.

Lady Gaga in "Gaga: Five Foot Two"

Gaga Stands Tall in Documentary 'Five Foot Two'

A far cry from the mysterious, egg-palanquin enigma of the early 2010s, this unfiltered, ripped-shorts performer is nonetheless refreshing and acutely engaging.

Local museum directors in conversation at Radcliffe on Sept. 25.
On Campus

Boston Area Museum Directors Discuss Civic Institutions at Radcliffe

“The Museum, the City, and the University,” a panel discussion between local art museum directors, sought to explore how museums, universities, and cities come together to generate a broader sense of civic engagement.

Cover of "Younger Now" by Miley Cyrus

‘Younger Now’ an Unconvincing Return to Roots

Though the songs set out to contemplate such questions, they raise a different one for the listener—how exactly did the album end up here?