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Men Finish Fourth at Heptagonals

Former hurdler Kim Stephens traveled all the way from Little Rock, Ark., to Harvard's newly dedicated McCurdy Track to see


Now It's Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home. And now for the first time in over 30 years, the Harvard track teams have


New Track to Honor McCurdy

Naming the new Harvard track was no problem. "Who else would we name it after?" Co-Captain Steve Ezeji-Okoye asked. "After


Crimson Thinclads Split With Elis

Just when it seemed like the health problems that plagued the Harvard women's track team during the indoor season were


Men, Women Thinclads Top Big Green, Brown

The cold and biting wind was reminiscent of winter, but it was the performance of the Harvard track teams that


Thinclads Split With Northeastern

A year ago, the Harvard track teams christened their new outdoor track by hosting Northeastern. Unfortunately for the Crimson, the


Brits Invade Harvard

The British are here! The British are here! And they're here to take on the Harvard and Yale track squads


Grace Under Pressure

Harvard men's hockey goalie Grant Blair lay on the ice after a St. Lawrence slapshot slammed his mask into his


Elis, Tigers Run Over Thinclads; Women Edged Out in Final Relay

For most of the season when the Harvard men's track team has won, the women's squad has lost and vice


Men Thinclads Beat Green, Brown; Women Second To Dartmouth

He dropped the baton, grabbed his left leg, and tumbled off the track. And with that dramatic fall, Harvard men's


In the Long Run

If only they didn't look so good on paper, if only they hadn't been so good in the recent past.



Today's Greater Boston Championships could be historic for the Harvard men's indoor track team. For the first time in almost


Women Thinclads Thrash Huskies; Men Fall Short in Relay, 70-66

The reaction of Co-Captain Steve Ezeji-Okoye told the whole story. While the Northeastern runners were prancing around the ITT track,


Henry, Sheehan Lead Thinclads

There are dramatic returns and there are dramatic returns. And then there are the performances of senior Mark Henry and


Cadets Throttle Crimson, But Patterson Still Shines

WEST POINT, N. Y. - Question: When can 83-53 and 81-19 losses be considered good news? Answer: When you're talking

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