15 Things We Want To See at the Annenberg Construction Site

15. More rocks.
By Nicole J. Levin

Unless workers have uncovered dinosaur fossils or struck oil around the Science Center overpass, there is no excuse for the unending construction in front of Annenberg. In lieu of actually figuring out what’s going on over there, FM has come up with 15 alternative ideas for the site:

1. A syringe-free ball pit.

2. Another Starbucks, so that no one has to walk all the way to Greenhouse Cafe.

3. Segway parking.

4. An ice sculpture of Drew Faust.

5. A reflection pond for where the sculpture used to be.

6. A life-sized dinosaur (made with the bones that we assume they are uncovering).

7. A vegetarian McDonalds.

8. A labyrinth—gotta spice things up once everyone has finally figured out where their classes are located.

9. A moat to keep the tourists away.

10. A small farm with a chicken coop to produce our locally grown cage-free eggs. Hot breakfast, anyone?

11. A permanent tent to encourage the return of Occupy—or the circus, we’re not picky.

12. A huge speaker that constantly plays construction noises.

13. A bell tower that rings seven minutes after the hour.

14. A new John Harvard statue combination toilet, complete with camera tripod and hand sanitizer.

15. More rocks.

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