Real or Imagined?: Psych Studies

Can you tell the difference between real and imagined psychology studies?
By Kelsey S. O'Connor

How do our brains work? We’re not quite sure, but psychologists are trying to figure it out by carrying out some... unique experiments. FM has found some of the strangest studies conducted by real scientists. Find them listed below, along with some studies that we came up with ourselves—can you tell the difference? (Hint: This is a test.)

1. “Tendency to Gossip About Public Figures”

2. “Gender Differences in Backpack Carrying”

3. “Becoming a Vampire Without Being Bitten”

4. “Emotional Response to HUDS Cereal Cracklin’ Oat Bran™”

5. “Chocolate As Incentive to Read Fiction Novels for a Class”

6. “Men and Women Holding Hands: Whose Hand is Uppermost?”

7. “Disney World as Trigger for Repressed Anger”

8. “Incompetent People Don’t Know They Are Incompetent”

9. “Hash Browns for Breakfast, Baked Potatoes for Dinner”

10. “Is Rap Music Less Popular in the Morning?”

Key: 1. Real; 2. Imagined; 3. Real; 4. Imagined; 5. Imagined; 6. Real; 7. Imagined; 8. Real; 9. Real; 10. Imagined.

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