In Photos: A Slice of Student Grille Life

By Crimson Multimedia Staff, Crimson Staff Writer
By Marina Qu

By Joey Huang

At 11 p.m. on a Thursday evening, students crowd the Winthrop Grille on the first floor of Beren Hall. Entirely student-run, the Winthrop Grille is one of four across the residential houses. The Crimson Multimedia staff visited the Grilles to get a slice of student nightlife.

Above, Angela P. Caloia ’23 serves lobster rangoons, one of over half a dozen fried options at the Winthrop Grille.

The Winthrop Grille reopened in December 2022 following a two-year closure because of the pandemic. Their new menu features churros and Oreo milkshakes. Camille N. Baker ’25 and Caloia prepare dino nuggets and churros.

Further up Plympton St., Quincy Grille is in full swing. The Quincy Grille reopened at the start of the fall semester along with the Dunster and Quad Grilles.

Jacob R. Jimenez ’23-’24, left, is the Dunster Grille manager. In this position, he’s responsible for creating the menu, setting prices, and hiring staff.

On the right, students staffing the Quincy Grille fetch supplies in a backroom. In the center, burgers and a quesadilla sizzle.

The Quad Grille reopened on Halloweekend of last year with a special themed menu, featuring fried cheesecake with berry blood and a Frankenstein milkshake. Located in Pforzheimer House, the Grille serves all three houses in the Radcliffe Quadrangle.

The house grilles are open to students in all grades — their schedules can be found on the house websites.

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