Between the Lines

It’s Not Asians Who ‘Game the System’

8 days ago

Asians may be called the “model minority,” but it doesn’t seem like we’re actually wanted in schools. We are implicitly accused of taking up too many spots in elite New York City high schools, so the mayor’s new plan proposes to scrap the admissions exam in favor of less objective criteria. At the same time, we are fighting elite universities like Harvard in court over charges of unfair discrimination.

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‘Pride’ and Prejudice and Cake

June 29, 2018

So what are the consequences on pride of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the case billed by many as the follow-up to the legalization of gay marriage? Masterpiece pitted a Christian baker, Jack Phillips, against the gay couple for whom he, citing his religious beliefs, refused to bake a wedding cake.

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'Fan' Rule

June 14, 2018

Michelle I. Gao ’21 is a Crimson editorial editor in Adams House. Her column appears on alternate Thursdays.

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All ‘Representation Matters’

May 04, 2018

As the saying goes, “Representation matters.” Representation in this context means seeing someone on the screen who looks like you. It can provide validation—seeing little recognizable details from your life tells you that other people have made the same observations, that those details are worthy of being told in a story. Representation can also expand the imagination—you may not know you can be something until you see someone just like you doing it, even if in a work of fiction.

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The Role of the ‘Elite’

April 20, 2018

Yet in government, elites seem increasingly unwanted. President Donald Trump has come to power by waging a war against elites. Elite institutions like this one, which disproportionately produce the leaders in Washington, D.C., are now facing backlash for supposedly leading students to believe their own superiority and doing little else.

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