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Michelle I. Gao

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A Year of Uncertainty

In some ways I appreciate the state of not knowing — or rather, of finding out. That was my job this year, to learn more through reporting stories.

Asian Americans, Speak for Yourselves

To use the language of the woke nowadays, reclaim your identity. It is, after all, yours.

Those Rocks Outside the Science Center

For all the disproportionate amount of time I’ve spent thinking and talking about these rocks, why didn’t I look up their origin earlier?

Affirmative Action Outside the Law

As debate inevitably continues on (not least because SFFA so clearly intends to bring the case up to the Supreme Court), we must keep in mind what wasn’t adjudicated as well as what was.

Buying into Harvard

Harvard lives up to its name in many ways, of course. But putting it on a pedestal obscures the imperfections that it, like any other institution, has.

The Entitlement of Harvard Partyers

Something is seriously wrong when students feel entitled enough to demand that the University must indulge them, instead of reasonably curtailing their lifestyle choices.