According to an e-mail sent by House administrators today, all 13 dining halls, including Dudley House, will remain open over Columbus Day weekend.

The notice sent to House administrators was the following:

After receiving indications that more students than originally believed will remain in residence during the Columbus Day holiday weekend, today Harvard College asked Harvard University Hospitality & Dining Services (HUHDS) to maintain full service, in all 13 dining halls during that period. This decision will also help provide both the College and HUHDS with two years of data, under the new academic calendar, which will offer a better indication of student participation during this time. Decisions regarding reduced service over future holiday periods will take these data into account.”

Originally, HUHDS had decided to close Currier, Dunster, Kirkland, and Winthrop, but disgruntled students made their voices heard by signing a petition. 88 students signed the petition online, and 90 signed it in print.