Twitter Interview with @LamontCafeGirl

If you're a frequenter of Lamont Café, you may have heard of @LamontCafeGirl, a Twitter account run by the baristas. Flyby tweeted with @LamontCafeGirl in an ongoing interview to get the lowdown on Lamonsters, obnoxious customers, and the state of the café during finals period, all in 140 characters or less. The highlights are below.

@Flybyinterview: What makes a @LamontCafeGirl a Lamont Café Girl?

@LamontCafeGirl: Lamont Cafe Girls are friendly, bright, and very "I Saw You Harvard"able.

@Flybyinterview: Does @LamontCafeGirl ever eavesdrop while on duty? What's the silliest thing you've heard someone say in Lamont?

@LamontCafeGirl: Eavesdrop?! NEVER!...but we did see a man watching "How To Get Women" videos yesterday. #publiccomputerfail #getheadphones.

@Flybyinterview: What is the most obnoxious drink order you've ever received?

@LamontCafeGirl: "Ummm can you please give me an espresso shot in a teeny cup and fill the remaining 1/16 of an inch with foamed milk?"

@Flybyinterview: Does the café have its own breed of Lamonsters? If so, what are they like?

@LamontCafeGirl: We have many breeds, from the workaholic coffee snobs to the overly social procrastinators.

@Flybyinterview: Tell us about #thegood, #thebad, and #theugly of Lamont Café.

@LamontCafeGirl: You would be surprised how often we burn our hands behind the counter. That gets kinda ugly.

@Flybyinterview: What are @LamontCafeGirl's top three favorite YouTube memes?

@LamontCafeGirl: 1. Wizard People, Dear Reader 2. Aladdin from Compton 3. Beyonce Clown.

@Flybyinterview: Naptime in Lamont. A real phenomenon?

@LamontCafeGirl: Very real. Especially during reading period when extreme Lamont napping becomes a thing, sleeping bags included.

@Flybyinterview: What happens if the café runs out of an item during a shift?

@LamontCafeGirl: When we run out of something, it's time to get creative. Green tea latte, anyone? How about a chocolate espresso shot?

@Flybyinterview: True or false: Lamont Café=Starbucks.

@LamontCafeGirl: False. Lamont Café > Starbucks. It has something to do with the way we expertly whisk our drinks with chopsticks.

@Flybyinterview: It's 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your customers are?

@LamontCafeGirl: We can only hope they are celebrating the end of classes adequately, with a different kind of shot than the one we serve.

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