Most of us—most—will never be selected to participate in the Hunger Games. Luckily for everyone else, there's still a higher calling to represent our Districts in a nobler and less lethal sport: the Drinking Games. So if you go to see "The Hunger Games" movie, pull a Haymitch and keep those drinks coming throughout the festivities.

Whenever anyone salutes with three fingers, toast the screen.

If Peeta touches Katniss awkwardly, take a drink.

Whenever Gale watches Peeta touch Katniss awkwardly on the screen, take a drink.

Take a sip if someone says something insensitive about District 12.

Whenever a child dies a horrible death in the arena, drink up.

Whenever Haymitch takes a drink, take a drink.

If someone says, "May the odds be ever in your favor," then take a sip. (Take it easy on this one.)

Whenever Effie fills or creates an awkward silence, take a drink.

Whenever Caesar Flickerman smiles, drink up.

Every time you feel like this movie is far too disturbing for a young adult audience, drink up.

There can only be one victor: The weak will pass out, while the champion revels in relative sobriety. May the odds be ever in your favor (that's a drink).