Since we last wrote on our Tip Box findings, we've seen months of great turmoil for Harvard, from freak weather storms to email hacking to contentious house rankings. One thing is clear: today's students live in uncertain times. Flyby tips from the past few months reflect the self-doubt and agitation of these trying months, as readers voice epistemological concerns (see Feb. 10), criticisms of society's materialism (Oct. 30), and possible drug-related paranoia (Dec. 13).

Oct. 30: "$0.61"

Nov. 15: "Sex-a-mex"

Dec. 13 8:13 p.m.: "whtat does that even mean- you're looking at us? we're not looking at you"

Dec. 13 8:13 p.m.: "no i'm not high"

Dec. 13 8:14 p.m.: "fuck the crimson, dude. don't do that..... cuz then they'll know. they can't know."

Dec. 13 8:14 p.m.: "now they're really gonna think you're high"

Dec. 19: editors: "please don't liveblog your winter breaks this year.  That's not news and no one cares."

Dec. 31: "eduardo saverin chicken"

Jan. 24: "does this work?"

Feb. 10: "what does dean hammonds *do*?"

Feb. 25: "show me pictures in the paper for today news"

Feb. 27: "winklevoss"