No Monkeying Around With Lev's Monkey Bread

Platter after platter of monkey bread seemed to materialize out of thin air and disappear in a matter of minutes at Leverett House's Masters' open house on Monday as Monkey Bread lovers crowded in for a last hurrah.

They will have to forgo the backdrop of oriental rugs, a grand piano, and picture-perfect views of Boston to eat their beloved delicacy for approximately the next six months.

While Old Leverett undergoes renovation as part of Harvard's House Renewal project, House Masters Howard Georgi '68 and Ann Georgi, fondly known as Chief and Coach, will be displaced from the well-loved Masters' residence. During construction, the two will reside in a DeWolfe suite.

Monkey Bread addicts should have no fear though—they can get their fix at open houses relocated to the Lev dining hall, which is set to reopen in time for the start of the fall semester.

Master Howard Georgi said he is vying to return to the confines of the Masters' suite as soon as possible. "We've let them know that we need to get back as soon as possible because the students need their monkey bread," he said.

If a whole summer still feels like an eternity to go without the familiar sticky sweetness, the recipe for monkey bread can be found on Lev’s website.

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