Having been here for almost a month now, the novelty of getting to eat hamburgers and spaghetti all the time has officially faded. Even ice cream just isn’t so special anymore. (Disclaimer: It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve had ice cream basically every day here; freshman fifteen here I come!)

Drawing inspiration from BuzzFeed, I decided to whip up my very own food mashup. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you make your own weird concoction: make some effort to figure out what foods wouldn’t taste terrible together (kind of like when you’re deciding what flavors to pick for a Vermonster at Ben & Jerry's) and gather the courage to weather weird looks from fellow diners.

The day I went to Annenberg looking for inspiration, the dining staff had beaten me to the punch: one of the main platters was breaded chicken breast stuffed with a broccoli mix. This made my food mashup for the day pretty simple. I took some bread, spread mayonnaise on it, and stuffed the chicken inside—voilà, strange mashup sandwich!

Looking to match the creativity of the HUDS staff, I focused on making a dessert. After some initial missteps (I combined Fruit Loops and strawberry jam in a bowl because I saw some potential there. Shockingly enough, it wasn’t a good idea) I decided on a fusion of two of my favorite snacks: peanut butter and apple slices and plain vanilla ice cream. Here’s how to do it:

Waltz over to the bread toppings bar and slather peanut butter into the bottom portion of a cone.

Grab an apple and cut it into slices horizontally, using a knife to hollow out one of the ends. Scoop the vanilla in between the hollow apple slice and a flat one—you end up with a kind of apple ice cream sandwich! Put this on the cone.

Cover it all with sprinkles for extra style points (if you have chocolate syrup around, might as well throw that on too).

The concoction was pretty strange looking but tasted delightful. The thick peanut butter was pretty hard to get through, but the loud crunch of the apple combined with the melting ice cream made for an unforgettable experience.