Avoiding a Cold in the Cold Weather

By Zorigoo Tugsbayar

Yes, everyone, it’s that time of year again. Cold weather is crashing down on Harvard’s campus, and no one is safe. Not your professor, not section kid, not even the cute crush in your class. As sore throats and runny noses ravage the historic halls of Harvard, Flyby is here to provide some tips so you can stay healthy enough to procrastinate before your next exam.


Soap is your best friend. And hand sanitizer is a good person to know too. Use these whenever the opportunity arises: Before grabbing a meal, after sipping your 5th cup of coffee from Greenhouse Café or grabbing your grill order. You can never be too careful.

Getting some rest

But actually, we’re serious about this point. If you don’t want to keep on sneezing and sniffling during your taped lecture, sleeping is one of your best bets of making sure that doesn’t happen. And you can always take a nap every now and then in a lot of places. Just make sure you are not caught.

Warm Clothing

You must get a lot of it, especially now. Even though having many layers can slow you down when you need to rush to your 9 am class, being warm and protected is still more important. Wear your winter wardrobe. Wear your whole winter wardrobe. However, you probably still have to wait for new Bean Boots to arrive at your door.

Eating Well

Making sure you have a balanced diet is essential to staying healthy. We’re not quite sure about the health benefits of Tomato Basil Ravioli, but it is probably one of the more delicious ways to stay full. Maybe you can get a hot cup of fresh ginger, honey, and lemon. Or even better, swai soup.

If all else fails and you do get sick, your best option is to take it easy. Take the shuttle from Lamont to Widener if it is better for you. Besides, maybe you can get an extension out of this too.

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