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This beauty resides in LamCaf.
This beauty resides in LamCaf. By Clara Baselga-Garriga

With the winter quickly approaching, there's going to come a day where you accidentally miss the dining hall's closing hours, you're too cold to walk to the Square, but you're starving. What is a helpless college student to do in those situations? Flyby's here to help you out:

Vending machines are an untapped resource on campus; snacks range from organic peeled mango slices, to white cheddar popcorn, to Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. If you haven’t stopped by a machine recently, you’re missing some real gourmet treats. Some of the vending machines in freshman dorms even include underwear for the freshmen that still can’t figure out how to do their laundry. You might even say that Harvard’s vending machines have more options than the salad bar at Annenberg.

For all the cold, hungry students out there, Flyby has come up with a few balanced and wholesome options to soothe your appetite:

1) Vegan Bites: Buy yourself some Eat Smart Veggie Chips and humus, fresh and available in your local vending machine. Using a knife, spread humus over a veggie chip and place another one on top to make mini-sandwiches. This combination is not only delightful and creative, but also low calorie– perfect for those who are trying to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen.

2) “Treat yo self” Trail-Mix: All you need is a Nature Valley Granola Bar, M&Ms, and Ruger Vanilla Wafers. First, crumble the Granola Bar by smacking it repeatedly against a hard surface (It’s true, this recipe has caused injuries before, but it’s to die for). Proceed to pour the crumbled granola bar into a bowl along with the M&Ms and the wafers and voila, you have magical goodness.

3) The Lamonster: Lamont Cafe has one of the best vending machines on campus. Whether you are working hard or hardly working, make sure to try mixing the pomegranate Chobani yogurt and the Açai Berry Chia Bar #basic

Bon appetit and happy cooking!

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