Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part Four: The LISE Center’s Heklas– You’re Welcome

The Hekla, in all its beauty.
The Hekla, in all its beauty. By Caie C. Kelley

We've gathered our staff together and racked our brains for the best things to use your BoardPlus on. If you are one of the lucky, lucky few who still has BoardPlus left, you are very welcome for our sage advice coming ahead in this series. If you unfortunately have maxed out on your BoardPlus for the semester (we feel you), Crimson Cash? Flyby presents you with our fourth installment.

The LISE Center’s Heklas: You’re Welcome

I want to begin by explaining that it has taken me a long time to write this article, and that, in a dream life, I would share this secret with no one until the final day of my senior year. There are few things in life closer to my heart than warm, fresh, cinnamon rolls that are paid for by Harvard’s mysterious BoardPlus, but alas, for the love of Flyby I am revealing the greatest secret on this campus, the shining star in all of my darkest moments, a reason to smile even when wind chill is quite literally forcing me to tears. This is the LISE Center Cafe, which features a dreamlike cinnamon roll known as a Hekla.

The Hekla, despite its fancy name, is essentially a cinnamon roll but less sticky, with more layers, and closer to the texture of a slightly undercooked croissant than the traditionally heavy texture of a cinnamon roll. It’s complex, and difficult to describe, and the best way to understand is just to try it for yourself. Its name originates from a large volcano located in the south of Iceland, so you know this treat is legit. Although the rolls are delivered to the cafe daily, they are normally not warm but can be quickly heated up using the microwave in the cafe available for public use. You can choose a frosted and a non-frosted roll depending on your sugar preferences, and the roll costs about $3.95. Pair with a latte for a wonderful morning snack - the coffee here is substantially darker and richer because it is from Peet’s and not Starbucks. Greenhouse Cafe, you just can’t compare. If you choose to visit the cafe, you’re welcome. If you don’t, more for me!

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