How I Spent Harvard-Yale On Campus

A picture of my dinner at Kaju.
A picture of my dinner at Kaju.

A picture of my dinner at Kaju.
A picture of my dinner at Kaju. By Rainbow Yeung

What is it like?

It’s… Pretty empty. The campus, as you would expect, has been deserted. Tourist population has gone from 50% to 95%. It’s frightening, and companionship is hard to find.

Tour groups awed and gaped at the yard as usual. As I walked down the deserted hallways of Weld, I came to the realization that we have become the precious few remaining living, breathing Harvard students that tourists can actually photograph. Wonder if the tours tell them about today’s significance?

Is there anything to do?

This was definitely worth an investigation.

Upon suggestion, I tried to check out Freshman Dean’s Office, which was offering 50 free tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but I was too late. Boo. That was a dead end.

Nonetheless, this is Harvard, and we’re right next to Harvard Square. The one thing that I can always fall back on reliably is food. My friend and I ended up getting boba from the Boston Tea Stop and then I had a scorpion maki and salmon sashimi at Kaju Tofu & Shabu. Not bad.

In fact, it was inappropriately delectable.

And last of all, I got to catch up on a lot of sleep, work, and exercise. Plus, I finally got to watch The Social Network and The Theory of Everything after much anticipation. That really makes up for the fact that I couldn’t go to Harvard-Yale.

How do I feel about Yale?

Yuck Fale. Duh. Just because I wasn’t able to make it doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware of the HYpe going on in New Haven. I’m just cheering from afar, duh. For the ninth consecutive year, we showed Yale what it means to be the best school in the country. I hope they are ready for the tenth year because we’re just going to win that one as well.

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