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<p> Winthrop’s about to be the sleek new kid on the block, everyone. Following Dunster’s renovation last year, Winthrop is the next house to undergo renewal, and that means some good news for Winthrop residents—they will be placed in swing housing next year (score), followed by a reacquaintance (or a sweet introduction for incoming freshmen) with a new and improved Throp in 2017. Between the anticipation of the renovated house and Winthrop’s existing tight knit community, it's starting to sound like Throp might be the housing lottery jackpot this year, no? </p>

What Would a Nice Harvard Look Like?

A new report released by Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, on January 20th calls for advocating kindness instead of overachieving, making college admissions process a “more humane process”. So what does that mean for Harvard?

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Oh no—it’s the day before Christmas Eve, and you were so busy scrambling to do your Course Evaluations (due at 11 p.m. tonight!) that you completely forgot to buy something for your Secret Santa. We’ve collected some last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Businesses Express Couched Support for Minimum Wage Hike

​In light of recent city council discussion over adopting a $15 an hour minimum wage in Cambridge, a few Harvard Square business owners said they were cautiously supportive of the suggested wage increase but also pointed out a potential increase in prices.

Dinner at Kaju Tofu & Shabu

A picture of my dinner at Kaju.

Flyby Investigates: What is LS50?

The new class that's redefining "overachiever" at Harvard.